Getting ready for a race only with training sessions that improve your results and make your stronger

Get ready for triathlon

For whom
For amateur triathletes, if you:
How is the programme structured

Select your race
Measure physiological performance
Receive a training plan
Train according to the plan
Already do triathlons and want to complete half, olympic or full distance with a certain result
Don't see any speed progress with the same heart rate from session to session
Get overtrained or injured from time to time
Participate in the race, show the result
Repeat: make a new plan to reach new goals
What you will get

Training plan for a specific race adapted to your physiological profile

Trisystems platform calculates the weeks before the race and splits them into following phases:
Anaerobic threshold and fat metabolism development to lay a solid foundation
Tapering— to rest the body from training load and be battle ready on the race day
Specific sessions to master your race pace - to adapt the body to competitive speed at long distances
Your performance, experience, strong and weak disciplines are taken into account when creating a plan and choosing the load:
Advanced athletes
3-5 hours a week
6-12 hours a week

You won't have any junk* training sessions

We've been testing professional and amateur triathletes since 2014, looking for their individual functional profile and monitor the progress. Thousands of athletes have been to our laboratories during these 10 years.

We've collected a huge database of the test results, that allowed to define the principles of the most effective training systems. We've combined these principles in our Trisystems program

20% of training sessions that give 80% of result
Aerobic sessions. Develop endurance, allow for finishing long distances without losing power/speed.

Tempo sessions. Their intensity is between aerobic and anaerobic load (Z3) - develop long distance speed.

Threshold sessions — key training sessions to improve speed at all distances from olympic to full distance. Are done at anaerobic threshold, develop anaerobic threshold.

Aerobic strength sessions. Are done with hard resistance and moderate hart rate, develop strength endurance. E.g. swimming with paddles, low cadence, high gear bike rides, running uphill.
Too low intensity sessions — lower than 75% of anaerobic threshold. Studies and our tests show that it makes no sense to do such recovery sessions.

Too many medium intensity sessions in aerobic zone 85−90% of threshold level.

Many high intensity sessions — higher than 105% от of threshold level. They develop sprinting abilities, that are not needed for long distance triathlons.
These are the training sessions you will do:
These are the training sessions you will not do:
*Studies prove the inefficiency of certain training sessions:

- Iker Muñoz, Ph.D. European University of Madrid — Does Polarized Training Improve Performance in Recreational Runners? International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 2014.
- Differential correlations between anthropometry, training volume, and performance in male and female Ironman triathletes. Knechtle B et al. J Strength Cond Res., 2010.
- Impact of training volume and experience on amateur Ironman triathlon performancePhysiology & Behavior Journal, 2021.

You'll become better than you are now and will continue to improve your result

In a month you will notice that your pace/power have increased at the same heart rate, and your heart rate have decreased at the same pace/power. You'll feel that the load feels easier and that you have become stronger and built up endurance
The platform considers your current level and chooses training load accordingly - each race shall be faster than the previous one.

There are no junk training sessions in the programme - all the sessions improve your fitness and your result.

We add smart recovery after the races to keep progressing between the competitions. Easy sessions that hake off training loads help to recover and start preparing for the next races.

Rise above yourself without overtraining and injuries

Each session in the programme is aimed to move you forward - it makes you stronger.

There are no junk, which means, easy sessions. But there are hard and useful sessions. You will develop your VO2max, do long trainings, strength training until your muscles hurt. There may be several interval sessions one after another and a long aerobic one on top of them. These are the training sessions that make you stronger. It won't be easy during the session, but in the end you'll like it.

Tiredness will build up a little bit, but it won't lead you to overtraining, since training intensity and volume will be personalized.
Convenient training calendar + export to Garmin
You may select training days convenient for you and adapt the plan to your life.

There is detailed description of what for is each training section and how to do it.

You may switch sessions if needed.

If you skipped the training session, the loads of the next sessions will adjust.

If you skipped a longer period (more than two weeks), the plan will be created again
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